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Save time localizing your equipment with Noah. (GoNoFurther) is a web software development company, founded on the idea that people shall be involved in the applications they would use. Since 1996 the company has worked hard to create applications that are meaningfull to the customer and easy to use by the users. has focus on development of web applikations and systems developed in cooperation with our customers and by utilizing the knowledge and experience with Asset Management and other areas of expertice. Development is mainly done in PHP, MySQL and javascript.

Today – supplies products that are developed based on users needs and requests.

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Noah - Values

Noah can bring values to your business on both long and short term. Below are some examples.

Suppliers Control Finance Staff Business


Know where hardware, software and licenses are located or used

Deliver faster and better service to your customers

Overview of customer portfolio of assets, circuits, projects and solutions gives your organisation the possibility to deliver better and more proactive service.

Value gained :

Business : Better service

Staff : Time saving finding data on assets, job satisfaction


Save time and money by license overview or faster location of equipment


IT Audit. A word that is feared. They will look into your software licenses, the level of control and compliance with the said processes.

Value gained :

Finance : Savings on licenses

Business : No marks on the Audit report.


Saves time every day. One tool to cooperation

Incidents. It happens all the time. The traceability of tasks/incidents on an asset, customer or circuit helps getting that Audit stamp of approval. And the staff saves time on handing over incidents/tasks making the service towards customer visible and effective.


Know where your hardware, software or licenses has been purchased

Getting the right replacement/item at the right place at the right time.


Generally speaking, there is birth and death in datacenters. Assets is purchased, virtual servers are created and torn down again. Servers (physical as well as virtual) contains applications, storage and networks - things that need be ordered and assigned or disconnected or decommissioned.

Noah offers options to follow the lifecycle. From ordering an asset, implementing OS, applications and handling incidents and service to the final decommissioning of the asset.

Keeping the wheels turning..

Value gained:



(Installation, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal)

Replacing or repairing an asset can be time-consuming if the correct parts are not delivered on time. Transport to and from storage - or just the frustration of being late on the service window, adds to frustrations - and even perhaps finances when paying for the hours and transport. Getting the correct information is paramount.

Keeping the wheels turning..

Value gained:

Suppliers (getting the right replacement/item)

All in all

You will save money and time and at the same time enabling your business to deliver a higher level of service and create happier customers.

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