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One of the best ways to tell if a product is good, is to listen to the existing users/customers.

KOMBIT chose Noah as a Servicedesk system because it enabled us to support our Internal IT in a quick, easy and efficient way. Noah's structure allows us to implement in small steps so that it becomes easy for both the support and the users to get used to the system.

Initially the desire was an efficient way for users to be able to register errors. At the same time, it gave our support the opportunity to distribute and prioritize the tasks. Another requirement was the opportunity for management information on case volume, handling time, etc. All wishes have been met.

One of the main reasons for the choice of Noah has been the possibility of close collaboration with the people behind Noah. Errors and wishes for changes have been handled in a surprisingly short time with very few iterations to a satisfactory result.

Noah was also chosen because the potential for supporting the entire support-departments needs is present, without requiring more functions than necessary to solve the specific task or function. When KOMBIT thinks of internal support, it also includes the Facility department and the practical services that has been centered in our reception. This is expected to be supported during 2019.

Infrateam have used Noah for the last couple of years, primarily using the ticket module, to register time and tasks in an easy and clear way.

These registrations can later be used as a basis for invoicing, which minimizes our consultants daily administrative and manual processes.

This is not the only reason Noah has been choosen as the primary tool. The quick and easy access to customizations and adaptations. The service has "built in" quick and effective respons, something that has high value.

Funktionally we have focused on ticket extractions - to be used in reporting to our customers - and the Scrum interface for tickets. It just makes our everyday more clear and effective.

Infrateam recommends Noah for your daily operations.

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