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Save time localizing your equipment with Noah. (GoNoFurther) is a web software development company, founded on the idea that people shall be involved in the applications they would use. Since 1996 the company has worked hard to create applications that are meaningfull to the customer and easy to use by the users. has focus on development of web applikations and systems developed in cooperation with our customers and by utilizing the knowledge and experience with Asset Management and other areas of expertice. Development is mainly done in PHP, MySQL and javascript.

Today – supplies products that are developed based on users needs and requests.

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We would like to know who might have an interest in Noah. So we hope you will provide a bit of info.


If you have any questions regarding Noah, need support or anything else reach us using the form below.

Noah Cloud - IT Service Management in the Cloud

There are other IT Service Management systems out there. Some expensive and some very enterprise. Noah is inexpensive and very enterprise. It has CMDB and ITS tightly integrated.

Security Compliance

Matches you registration of users, user roles and applications towards systems for securing compliance. Segmenting of development, operations and business systems/areas in your company, implies that developers cannot have access to live data and business cannot have access to development code.

IP Manager

Assign ip adresses to asset interfaces, manipulate/segment ipsegmentes, relate to vlans, switchlayers or AS numbers.

Inherit rights

Built in rights for the system. Users inherits rights from groups, so to be easier to maintain rights. Specific rights can be assigned users

Who is doing what?

Noah can be installed on any webserver, but we thought you might like to skip that part. So we created the Noah Cloud

Get an complete overview of your servers and systems. Licenses for operatingsystems and applications.

Keep track of assets, what’s in it, where is it located and who is doing what on it, when?


Accidents happen, errors occour and jobs are to be assigned. Who is doing what on the asset now? And why?

Use the built-in incident system for that information. Find the asset, see what incidents has been for that specific asset (or currently is).

Noah Features

  1. Executive SummaryWindows for locations(usage of power, cooling and assets), tickets and/or maintenance
  2. ITSIncident Ticket System
  3. NDocsDocument System
  4. License ManagementLicense attached to assets and/customer
  5. LicensesUpload licensfile for revision and backup purposes
  6. Agreements, Suppliers
  7. Connections (Circuits)
  8. Cluster
  9. Storage
  10. Attach files/documents to customer, asset and circuits
  11. Interfaces
  12. Passwords (viewable per security status)
  13. Locations/Positions
  14. Export asset/customer data
  15. Authentication towards ActiveDirectory (LDAP)
  16. “Mailparser” for creating tickets at receiving an email to the system (via IMAP or mail forwarder)
  17. ITS
    RFC Tickets
  18. and other features
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