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Noah IT Service Management

There are other IT Service Management and Incidentsystems out there. Some expensive and some very enterprise. Noah is inexpensive and very enterprise. With CMDB and ITS tightly integrated.

Secure Compliance

Matches your registration of users, user roles and applications. See if you have a compliant it application/data access.

IP Manager included

Manage ipaddresses/segments. Assign ip to interfaces from segments assigned a specific customer. Builtin check for IPv4 and IPv6.

Inheriting rights

Built in rights for the system. Users inherit rights from groups.

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Installation recommendation?

Noah can be installed on any webserver, but experience makes us recommend debian with apache2, php5 and mysql

We will help with the installation remotely (Skype/Teamview) based on a onetime fee or by hourly fee.

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Noah usage options (brief)?

Get an complete overview of your it infrastructure. As well as licenses for operatingsystems and applications. Noah has the features of a light version of SAM (Software Asset Management)

Keep track of infrastructure, what does it encompass, where is it located and what is happening to it?

Accidents happen, errors occour and jobs are to be assigned. Who is doing what on the asset now? And why?

Use the built-in incident system for that information. Find the asset, see what incidents has been for that specific asset (or currently is).

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Noah Limitations?

Noah has many features - and features will continue to be developed and optimized over time.

One of the limitations in Noah - to be honest - is that, many of the features in Noah are based on manual registration of data. So data discipline is important.

Currently, time is being used on asserting wether some data can be obtained by script or other way.

Look in the roadmap for further steps forward.

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System Architecture

Minimum demands:

Apache/Lighttpd/IIS, PHP 5+, Mysql 5.0+.

Operating System:

Windows Server[2003 - 2012]

Linux/Unix [Debian, CentOS]


Pentium 4 processor and upwards


min. 1GB

Disk space:

Space for application: 1GB

Disk space for database:

Depending on the number of assets, customers and the like. Testdata has shown a diskusage around 30 Mb at 100.000 incidents and 1000 assets.

User Interface

Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8 ++, Firefox, Chrome and Safari

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